The Excellent Baby Bath Tub Buying Guide

Extra Attachments to Consider

Not all tubs are developed equivalent as well as long times you may need to purchase additional add-ons for your infant’s convenience and security, such as:

Back Rest

This will aid support your baby in the tub to make sure that he does not slip under the water, nor will you have to battle to hold him with one hand while trying to wash him up with the various other.
As they come in various shapes and sizes which may not fit all tubs globally, take into consideration getting ones from the very same brand name as your bathtub making sure it works.

Support Sponge

This operates the same as a back-rest to use more head, back and also neck assistance to your youngster in the tub, as well as is made from the slip resistant product which is typically contoured with softly supported sides.
Make sure to totally air-dry the assistance sponge after every bathroom time to stop mold or mildew from growing.

Non-slip Mat

In case the infant tub you bought does not have a non-slip bottom, you should take into consideration getting a non-slip mat that has little suction cups to adhere to the bottom of the bathtub so regarding guarantee your kid does not inadvertently slip throughout bath time and also obtain immersed underwater.

Other Attributes to Keep an Eye Out:

Although there are numerous various kinds of baby bathtubs to choose from that can be found in all type of shapes and sizes, there are a few safety issues and also additional attributes you may want to think about:

Safety and Security

  • There must be slip-resistant support to keep the bathtub from walking around when your child is inside
  • Some bathtubs also have a foam lining, so watch out for the kind that is mildew-resistant
  • It needs to be made of thick plastic that will remain company in the center as well as not flop over or topple, even under the weight of water
  • There should not be any kind of rough edges that could damage your infant’s fragile skin


  • A plug near the bottom will certainly enable you to conveniently drain pipes the water away
  • Any unique strips or indications to caution you if the water is as well warm
  • A suction mug, hook, or huge and also wide rims so you could hang it up on the wall surface to completely dry after bathroom time
  • Some bathtubs can fit over the cooking area sink so you could save space as well as bathe your child in a standing position

Optional special functions

  • An integrated waterproof music system to play comforting songs for your youngster
  • A connected mini shower nozzle with spa jets or bubble devices for the utmost bathroom time experience

Safety Suggestions for Bath Time

Now that you’ve determined which bathtub is the most effective one for your child, here are some security tips to keep in mind:

  • Area the tub on a level surface area, as you do not want it to slip around or removal when you’re depleting your infant
  • Utilize a clean cloth to wipe down your child instead of a sponge, as little items may break off as well as wind up in her mouth
  • Never leave your child neglected throughout bath time, even if it’s just for a few secs, as just a percentage of water suffices to sink young kids
  • Do not lift or removal the bathtub with your child inside it, as she could befall, slide under water, or you may drop the bathtub as well as your baby!
  • Set up the tub at your favored spot and get all the bathroom time fundamentals (soap, hair shampoo, playthings, towel) prepared before placing your child in the bath, to prevent having to move the tub or leave her ignored

Preloved or Talented Bath Tubs

We get it, having a baby isn’t really that low-cost and also there are a lot of points you need to acquire so some moms and dads might want to attempt to save a few bucks by getting a used tub or using one that was gotten as a present.


If you plan on utilizing a preloved baby bath tub, make certain to clean it extensively with a water-bleach service and wash it well in hot water.
Likewise, make sure there are no fractures which may nip your bub’s skin or any type of loose components that he may unintentionally ingest and also choke on.

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